Saturday, April 6, 2013

voodoo donuts, fairfield style

so, we have a new donut place in town, our very own version of  voodoo donuts.  red devil donuts opened a while before christmas, but we hadn't tried them until last weekend.  not because we don't eat donuts, because we get them every once in a while for sure.  but because we have the BEST donut shop in the world, right down the street from us.  one turn onto rockville rd, and straight on to almost downtown.  jelly donuts.  super fresh, super tasty.  there's always a long line, and if you go past 8:30, you won't get what you're looking for because they sell out all the time!

our takes of our new place:

jack got a lucky charms donut.  and only ate one bite.  he said it tasted 'weird'.

this is an obscene amount of donuts for a family of four, one of which (none of which!) should be eating donuts.... but we had to try a variety. 

 a chocolate peanut butter topped with pretzels, caramel or something-or-other with custard, some sort of chocolate overload with a ganache center, a bostom creme pie-like one, and a chocolate-marshmallow concoction.
{disclaimer: pete and jack went alone, so the 'cool' names these may have had were lost in the man-lation}

the verdict is......................we are sticking with our tried-and-true jelly donuts!  even though these are 'fun' that's all they really were.  we think the donuts were shipped or delivered from sf or sac, because they tasted 'day-old' and even though the shop probably put a lot of effort into the toppings, they weren't spectacular.  wow, i just yelped the place and people LOVE it.  ewwwwww.  i feel like i like them less now, what the hay, yelp!

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Leslie said...

crap. now i wanna donut.