Monday, April 29, 2013

1st camping trip with our trailer!

we've been a little busy these last couple weeks!  i have some pictures to upload from uncle eric and uncle jd's birthdays, plus a super fun ice cream social with the wills'!  however, we just got back from our inaugural camping{withatrailer} trip!!!!

we've been searching {and deciding yay or nay on even getting a trailer} since last summer.  the decision to begin the talk started after we had to pack up and head home after only one night at our favorite spot - baby girl didn't do so well as a 6 month old, and having a little girl brought doubts of safety, cleanliness {group toilets?  not for this princess!}, not to mention warmness {we froze overnight} and convenience.  i do enjoy tent camping for a couple nights, but i don't like being cold or dirty either!

we went for an ultra light trailer, but did have to get a new car.  {twistmyarm} i do did love the honda pilot, but we had already broken rules and messed a few things up.  after the trailer purchase, we went and drove around a few bigger suvs like in the tahoe/armada /sequoia class.  they were HUGE and a little more truck-like than our honda.  plus, to get features we have had, we were looking outside our budget.  enter the dodge durango!  it's the same size as the honda, seats 7, but has the powerful v8 and a hemi-something!  AND it's luxurious !!  leather, heated seats, navi, back up cameras and sensor, sun roof, all the music features you could want (with an awesome speaker system), lift gate automation.  and it's SO comfortable!  i absolutely love it.  it pulls our trailer like a dream.

so, we took it out first chance we could:

 arriving in pacifica:
 exploring and unpacking:

 guacamole snack and play time:

 the green family vehicles:
 maddy getting into the guac:

taking a walk along the trail:

 bundling up:
 early morning wake-up call:
 relaxing and reading pre-breakfast:

 at it again:

 bye-bye pacifica:

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