Thursday, May 31, 2012

maddy's four months old!

{i don't know what's going on with the formatting, please excuse!}

maddy had her four-month check up today!  including shots :(.  she's napping away as i type, poor little thing.

TWO month check-up:
weight - 10lbs, 5oz - 25th percentile
height - 22.5 inches - 42nd percentile
head circum - 39.5 cm - 60th percentile (she has a beautifully brilliant brain in there!)

FOUR month check-up:
weight - 13lbs, 5.6oz - 37th percentile (hungry little lady, no doubt!)
height - 25 inches - 72nd percentile (woah, a lot longer than last time!)
head circum - 42 cm - 74th percentile (getting more and more brilliant by the day!)

maddy is a mover and a shaker (just like her mommy!).  she'll 'climb' up pete for a sneak peek outside, she 'dances' when you hold her up, she pulls herself up to a seated or preferably a standing position whenever she gets a hold of your fingers.  she's an eating machine, though she's been giving me a solid stretch from 8pm-4am pretty consistently!  she loves to nap after her morning snack and in the afternoon, usually for three hours - feeding to feeding.  it's pretty nice, but i have to admit that i really miss her during the long naps!  she doesn't like to snuggle on the couch, but prefers to be walked around when tired.  i'm hoping she becomes a little more cuddly as she ages, there is nothing like a baby sleeping on you!

we've had a busy month with mothers' day, a graduation, soccer, preschool, bbqs, festivals, six flags, and farmers' markets.  she really loves being out and about - except that she prefers the carrier at all costs - i love this 90% of the time, but it would be nice if we had a choice in the matter sometimes ;).  i'm going to take it all in, though, some babies (jack!) don't like being 'worn' and i know that i can't carry her around forever. (i've tried with jack, it ends at some point :(...).  

maddy is a smiley little lady, but her laughs are rare and precious.  she's a tough nut to crack!  when you can sneak one from her, it melts your heart.  jack was the first to get one out of her, maybe around the end of march, and he remains her favorite character.  she doesn't like the calm, but prefers to have action going on (another mommy quality!  though i like a little more calm every now and then now that i'm a  mom!).  her favorite just-before-nap activity, while in her swing, is to watch jack zoom around with his toys!  it's too cute and she enjoys every second before her body tells her 'enough is enough, go to sleep!' and she drifts off with a little smile on her face.

and boy is she her daddy's baby girl!  she opens her mouth wide and crooked, with a little wink, when he walks in the room, just hoping to snag a kiss from her first love.  it's the most adorable thing you've every seen (and slightly funny, that little look!).  

a  little picture of my babies at 4 months old:
maddy 5-22-12, jack 6-6-08
i found this pink and white blanket that was made for my when i was a little girl, and now maddy has it to snuggle!  i used it for her 4 month pictures.  i need to do something to mark the pictures, though, because they look a lot like her 3 month ones!


Leslie said...

that side glance is SO jack.

Leslie said...

ps. i haven't been good about commenting, but am reading all of your posts!!

jen said...

that last one? i thought so too!

thanks, i know you're busy and enjoying/soaking up new freaking hampshire. xoxoxo.