Thursday, May 10, 2012

pre-k class, enrolled!

pete is the most amazing father!  among many, many, many examples is the one time (last week) that he woke up at THREE AM to park himself in a line to get jack into the pre-k class of our dreams!!!!!!  yep, we had to wait in a line in the middle of the night to get WAITLISTED for the class we wanted.  turned out that there was actually ONE opening, and because pete was first in line, we got the spot!  it all sounds crazy, especially for a city program, but the teacher is great, the schedule is the same we have now, and most of his current class will be in it as well.  jack doesn't do well with change, especially at school, so we wanted to do anything/everything we could to make the transition from his current class to pre-k as smooth as possible.  when we got lottery number 80, and kids in the 50s didn't get in, we knew we'd have to do something drastic.  we heard of some parents planning on getting there at 5... the madness began with that little tid-bit of info that led to our arrival time of 3:30.  good thing, though, because the other parents arrived around 4.   we are SO excited!  he starts june 4th, so i'll post a picture of his first day then!

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