Sunday, June 3, 2012


we have old windows in all of our bedrooms and a very public view into our kitchen/hallway at night, so we decided to get shutters!  YAY!  i love shutters and have always wanted some :).

here's a quick before/after of just our kitchen window.  i'm slow to get the others photographed (and super embarrassed by my dirty windows!  our pest people just sprayed, then it was super windy/dusty, so they are FILTHY):

before                                                                                                     after
i love the privacy and trim it adds to our window -- some of our windows had trim, so they just added the slats, but others needed the whole trim (as in above).  the finished look is SO nice and the kids sleep in!!!!!  it's amazing!!

our neighbor sent pete a text that said, 'thanks a lot, pete.  now my wife wants shutters!'  pete responded with, 'it's like an STD.  we got it from jen's friends.  sorry man.'  {true story, cory has them in her new home which was the catalyst for finally making the call and getting a company out here for a quote!}

a question for those shutter owners - we had drapes in our bedrooms and now have the shutters.  can we keep the drapes or is that window covering over-kill?

{i am so bad about angles in before/afters, age comps, etc.  i really need to get that together!!}


tricia said...

love the shutters!!

devon lorraine ... said...

oh my god, i think i got that "std" from our neighbors, i'm on the verge of calling for a quote too!

jen said...

thanks, trish!!! devon - sorry to add to the outbreak :)