Friday, May 4, 2012

madelynn is three months old!

i can't believe maddy's three month birthday has come and gone so fast!!!  we are really enjoying our little lady!  she's eating well, and sleeping well.  she's still napping in her swing in the am (or car or wrap or wherever i've taken her!) and afternoon napping in her crib.  she sleeps at night, with usually only one wake-up for a meal.  and it's a long, 40minute MEAL, usually around 4am.  she'll sleep until 7 or so, eat, play a bit, and then nap again around 9.  it's quite nice!  i'm usually able to get a lot done while jack's at school.   i think she might be teething, too!  she's all about drooling and chewing on her hands, and we've had a couple nights where she's been inconsolable (except for nursing, she'll always settle down to eat!).  jack didn't get a tooth until he was 6 months old, so not sure if we're in the 'process' for the long haul or if she'll do her thing earlier.  jack didn't exhibit any behavioral changes (that i remember!  better look back!), so i'm not sure what the 'process' even looks like!

i took these photos of our little one, i am so in love with her!  we scheduled some time to get pictures of the two kids together this weekend, so i can sit in aw of the both of them next week!!!  (i should work on getting the color the same!)

and a comparison.  check out jack's three month post here


Kristy Martin said...

OMG those pics of Maddy are SO cute! She is a doll!

lauren and brad said...

Oh my gosh Jen, she reminds so much of G. Their schedule, their eyes, their love of the boob. I am thinking they are destined to be friends. I'm so happy that we are on this little gal journey together! Isn't it fuN!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo