Monday, May 28, 2012

last day of preschool, 3-4yo playgroup

where does the time go?!?!?! jack started his 3-4yo preschool playgroup at the community center last june.  now he's finished his first year and will begin pre-k on june 2nd.  PRE-K.  as in PRE-KINDERGARTEN!!!!!  that's wild stuff.  i remember giving birth to him like it was yesterday.  check out this post for the insane enrollment process pete endured.

though i'll miss miss sally so much, i'm excited for jack to start a new class.  it's all so bittersweet.  for the last day, there was an ice cream social with a 'performance' of the morning routine.  finally we know all the words to the songs he hums around the house!  i'm going to have to sneak in to his pre-k class to record the new ones so we have a whole year to sing with him!!

some snapshots of the festivities:

showing the morning routine
singing a little 'thanks for our food' prayer

jack + ty
donovan, jack, xiano, riley, matthew
miss sally + jack
and some first day of school/last day of school pictures:
last day photos
it's crazy, a year later, we have a new person to wish jack a great day!  i feel like i've aged at least a year, maybe two - yikes!  pete looks the same!  jack's face isn't so baby-ish anymore.  my little man is growing so fast!!
jack+me+baby#2inbelly (6/11) ~ jack+me+maddy (5/12)  ~ pete+jack (6/11) ~ pete+jack (5/12)

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Leslie said...

i really love the side-by-side photos!!