Saturday, May 5, 2012

posed pictures

laura, gran, and i attempted last minute pictures with the three grand-kids.  we scheduled an appointment, grabbed a bit to eat, and went back for the shots.  it was sort-of successful.  we got one shot of the three grands, but jack is so in love with it, he took it in his abyss black hole room.  hopefully i'll find it one of these days!


anthony 5m + jack 4y, 2m + maddy 2m

we got one of jack + the green lantern.
he's into that sort-of awkward smiling phase!
it's so cute :)
 one of maddy with a slight smile.
i think this is during the blow out that sank through onto their blanket.
 but this one is worth all the tears, bribe toy (for jack to take just one.more), and blow out.
this will be jack's face when he's a father for the first time.

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devon lorraine ... said...

that photo is the best sibling photo i have ever seen, and WILL ever see, in my entire life!