Tuesday, May 10, 2011

summer, summer, summer, summertiiiiimme!!

kind of.  it's a little bit cold now and this weekend wasn't too hot either, buuuuut, before the spring weather whipped us back into khakis and cardigans, we grabbed a little summer and ran with it! in the sprinklers!!!

are you singing this song?  i am!

love this little face all wet :)

i am SO excited for the weather to stay HOT. i totally felt robbed from summertime last year, so i want it extra hot this year!!


devon lorraine ... said...

not all the pics were showing up for me, but i did see jack's little face all wet.

makes me so excited for summer too!

jen said...
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jen said...

dev, thanks! i was posting some pics from picasa and it didn't work (i've learned this lesson before -- fool me twice!)

here's hoping summer comes SOON for both all of us!!