Sunday, May 15, 2011

the day-of: a series dedicated to laura and eric's wedding

day of!  even though the engagement-to-wedding was a whirl-wind and super fast, it seemed as though this day would never come!  and at the same time, it came all-too-quickly!

in the morning, we grabbed coffee and doughnuts and went to my parents' house to finalize the set up.  i mainly worked on getting the poms up in the trees and finishing the dessert table.  i'm not sure what else we did, but we were there a while - it's always like that, seems like you only have a couple things to do, but they take hours.  and there are always more than a couple things to do!
poms & ceremony site
flowers in mason jars!
burlap, our own plates, own mason jars (why rent?!)
this table reserved for fam
eric+laura and i do m&ms.
candy labels by me
we ran home, where i showered and got ready while i plopped jack in from of a couple curious george shows.  bad mom move, but i needed to keep him occupied.  pete had to run to the mall to pick up jack's suit.  which had been ordered, and delivered, but was nowhere to be found when i tried to pick it up on friday.  they ordered a new one super-fast, and it was in the store by 10:30am, next day!  crazy.  when pete returned, i busted a move up to the event with wet nails and toes.  whew.  on-time!  (laura gets stressed by 'people getting ready' and i couldn't be late because i bossed and bossed and bossed the other girls to be there ON TIME!)

and here we are (here come a ton of pics, sorry):

with future mil
we took a ton of pics with the girls, laura took some by herself and then with my parents, then it was wedding time! we walked down the aisle at 6pm to a perfect temperature, jack was great, and the ceremony was perfect.  i totally had a cry-face during her procession, but i was able to get myself under control for the remainder of the ceremony!  not like her at our wedding:

one of my favorite pics :)
standing for the bride's entrance
laura and my dad.
she entered to 'stand by me'
i cried and cried!

stay tuned for the reception, etc.!

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devon lorraine ... said...

i love this series!

your sis is beautiful, and so is your parents' backyard.

i love that both their girls were married there. it kind of makes my eyes a little watery when i think about it.