Monday, May 2, 2011

laura's bach - part II, disney

did i mention that last night allyn gave us all matching shirts?  jack's said 'ring security'
mom's said 'mother-of-the-bride' while angelica, teresa, and i sported 'bride's girls'
we were known throughout the lands after a few hours
this was the first time i've had to wake jack up in a LONG time.  we had plans on meeting for breakfast as 7:30, getting to disney shortly after opening.  we stayed at embassy suites and had a full breakfast, then the girls (+teresa) grabbed the shuttle and mom, jack, and i took the car (much easier with a stroller, snacks, jackets, etc.)  we were exhausted from the night before (i really can't hang like i used to!), but rallied and made it to disney around 8:30, planing on staying as long as possible to really enjoy our 1-day ticket.
jack provided ring security -- alllll day.
we rode the train to toon town!
mother-of-the-bride & bride-to-be
jack's first roller coaster
'it was a little bit scary, but a little bit fun, but a little bit scary, but a little bit fun'
hey goof!  you're nice!  (goof loved it and gave a little 'garsh')
jack nicknamed everyone, including 'mick the mousy'
in line for dumbo
loving riding with aunt laura!
teacups with mommy
pluto hat!!!!!
'i spy mickeeeey!!!!!'
fading fast - after dinner
and he's out.... just in time for fireworks (which he slept through, btw)
all lit up
for the record, jack was a shmidge too short for big thunder
i went on it with my mom & teresa while he napped 
some other fun stuff pics:

getting our fortunes from esmeralda
bride & moh

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Leslie said...

GEESH. You guys squeezed so much into that one little weekend! You must be wiped out!!!