Sunday, May 8, 2011

easter!!!! part two.

easter morning was SOMUCHFUN this year!  jack was jazzed for weeks leading to the day-of, dreaming and speaking of candy and eggs :).  despite earlier post that insinuated we got chickens, we did not (there are a TON in the costanzo clan right now, plenty of eggs to go 'round between unc jd and gran&grandpa).  jack did, however, whisper, 'ssssshhhhhhhhh, the chicks are sleeping.  there are chicks inside!' at the site of each and every egg.  then he cracked one open and found CANDY!  he was pleasantly surprised (i, relieved.  chickens in eggs is like, my worst nightmare.)  anyhoo, on to hunting and easter bunny surprises!!
easter bunny surprises, plus eggs all over the house!
making sure there wasn't a chick inside

will jack see these?
got 'em! 
walking around with his basket
the easter bunny hid candy in some eggs, little toys in others
pepper got a bone :)
as did bailey
breakfast of champions!
i love his little face.

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