Tuesday, May 24, 2011

the reception: a series dedicated to laura and eric's wedding

after the fan-fare of the ceremony and cocktail hour (i was taking pics with the family and bride and groom, so i didn't capture this fun!), we sat down for our bbq dinner - YUM.  laura has always wanted a backyard bbq wedding, and with a little more frills than that usually suggests, that's exactly what she had.  kinders (a bbq joint around the bay) catered their super yummy chicken and tri-tip, salad, beans, and sides.  we had wine on the table, fresh lemonade, water, and kegs at the bar.  the food was perfect.  the weather was perfect.  and the long tables?  couldn't have been better for socializing and taking in the scenes.
mr.&mrs.eric giacobazzi
a private table
bbq time!
since when don't i take pictures of food?!?!
interaction galore!
this is a repeat, but i love it!
 and ah, to the rest of the evening.  laura wanted a dessert 'pot-luck', but that's kind of risky and hard to pull off for over 150 guests, so we made and bought the variety she was looking for.  we had cupcakes and brownies and pies and cakes and cannolis and candy on the tables.  a perfect wedding for anyone with a sweet-tooth!
dessert table
the mr&mrs also had a cake to cut
and nicely feed eachother!
 and then....because it isn't an event in the winter/early spring at our house without them...dad busted out the fireworks!

gazing at the display
smiling for the photographer (of the professional variety!)
not too shabby, huh?
 and then it was time for the first dance as husband and wife!

love this!
pete and i danced under the same lights :)
it makes me a little teary, too, dev.

david popped in the ipod with pre-chosen songs, and dancing ensued.  we all had a blast celebrating laura and eric's first day of their marriage.  LOVE THEM!

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wait a gosh darn second. you BOTH have g last names now.