Monday, May 2, 2011

around the house.

i think freezing baked cupcakes and frosting day-of is the best thing i've ever done baking-wise.  i will never bake and frost the same day again.  (especially after i baked and frosted 255 mini cupcakes for laura & eric's dessert bar at their wedding):

jack's been setting the table for us every night (nonbreakables only).  when given the choice between the breakfast bar (and casual dinner spot) in the kitchen or the dining room, he picks dining room every time!  so happy we're making family dinner time important now :):

 i roasted a chicken and it was ah-may-zing!  later that night i made my own broth (stock?) for use later in the week.  yum!


info said...

Yum! YOu have come along way from egg sandwiches and chicken casserole. Glad you're putting all those apron's and kitchen gadgets to use. I'm also glad I figured out how to post on your blog. I'm a little trigger happy, have you noticed?

Leslie said...

i'm really loving the volume of posts!

and correlated volume of tara comments!

Leslie said...

Info comments

jen said...

at first i thought 'info' meant egg salad sandos and i was appalled. then i remember she meant the very simple egg-on-toast egg sando. ah, yes. i've come a long way!!!!

jen said...

i think info needs to go back in time and comment on ALL my posts :)