Thursday, April 14, 2011

we're off!

jack and i are leaving uber early tomorrow for this celebration:

how cute it that? laura's moh and friend since they were not even TWO invited us all to disneyland -- including little jack-a-roo! we've been talking about it for weeks and the trip is finally here!!!

she's such a great moh!!

we will be on the lookout to take a lot of character photos - especially of this guy:

and i believe he's tall enough to ride my FAVORITE fast ride (which i haven't ridden in over 5 years due to preggo-ness and having a little one too short! - i am SO excited!):

and we'll participate in the classics:

it'll be a fun girls+jack trip!! daddy will hold down the fort with pepper and bailey...

doing a little of this (meaning bbq and eat outside):

and a lot of this (fetch! minus the snow, of course):


Leslie said...

can't wait to hear about this trip!!!

tricia said...

this sounds like SO much fun!