Saturday, April 2, 2011

exciting news in the costanzo fam!

i do believe i promised i'd be posting more since the purchase of the new computer and more down time.  but i think i spoke too soon.  there is super exciting news in the costanzo family:

i am so excited to share that this little girl,
laura and i at my sorority presents in 1998 - we had to wear white, don't judge.  isn't she the cutest?!?

is all grown up,
her birthday last year.  still the cutest!

 and is getting married!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

the happy couple at our caroling party:

miss laura lynn will become a mrs. on april 30th!  we are so happy for her and eric!  jack's the ring bearer (adorable!), and i'm a bridesmaid!  the colors are tangerine and gray (SO freaking cute and springy!)  i'm hosting a shower for her on the 10th, so maybe more posting as the prep for that goes on?  no promises, this is such a fun time to be a big sister, i can't even contain myself!!!!!!!!!  can you tell?!?!?!?!  YAY!!!!!!!


Leslie said...

congrats, laura!!!

Laura said...

aw.. what a cute post!!!! love you, jen!!!! best sister EVER!!! (shhh! dont tell the others.)