Sunday, April 3, 2011

happy sunday crafting

as mentioned, i will be hosting laura's wedding shower on sunday!  i love crafting and decorating and hosting, so i started today to ensure time for all my ideas.
kitchen shower invitation
it's super nice today, so while jack played out back, i began working on my garland.  i used a 2.5" circle punch to create the circles in all sorts of yellow, red, and orange.  jack helped, so i didn't grab pics of that step.  next, i used my xyron sticker maker to apply adhesive to half of the circles:
i think the colors look so fun!
next, i took my craft basket (i am using baskets/pans/anything to fit the project to carry crafts around so i can craft while jack's all over the place.  it's fun!) out back.  crafting in one of the two rooms i usually use wasn't an option this gorgeous sunday! 
i also grabbed a beverage :)
using 5-ply rafia from cost plus-world market (not sure how they are going about their name nowadays, but this is what i call them) in a nice orange and red, i afixed the circles to eachother.  and it turned out SO FUN:
right?  so bright and happy.

next, i worked on these paper chains from martha's craft dept.  i love paper chains and make them a lot.  i make them, but don't always hang them.... that might be why there aren't any postings of them :(.  i liked the idea of using the punch and chose one that was garden-y to bridge a gap between some table setting stuff i'm using and the polka dots on the invites and garland.  the chains seem out of place now, but there is a plan in place that ties everything together.  i used a different craft basket (pan) since i needed the stability and a nice place to store the scraps:
previous beverage's supporting cast

i cut out 2.5 inch strips, punched, then attached together

and my hard (not hard at. all.) work together for you to see!


tricia said...

i love these! super cute and creative! p.s. i've been wondering about world market's name lately too...

Leslie said...'s snowing again today.

Leslie said...

blah-blah-blah, same thing i say everyday, blah-blah-blah.

so cute! luv the garland, luv the hangy decorations! do you have nails in the wall permanently to interchange all the decorations you do?

courtney said...

you are ridiculously artistic, crafty and talented. why do you live so far away? i need to sit next to you and absorb through osmosis.