Tuesday, April 12, 2011

showering laura (picture heavy)

my sister's bridal shower was this past weekend.  it was a total success!  the company was great, food awesome, decor as planned, and the bride and groom have a pretty stocked kitched!!  you can see craft details in this post, actual event below:
garland throughout - congrats laura + eric!
adding marriage words in the mix
i'm getting pretty quick at garland between this and becca's shower
roses as the flowers - laura's having most orangey flowers at her wedding
i tried to steer clear of wedding stuff since it's so close (4/30!!!)
laura's fav funfetti cupcakes + chocolate to satisfy my mom :)
this is her SUPER FAV - my 'strawberry thing'
bride + moh (allyn, 21 yr friendship here, folks!) getting grub
allyn + her mom cooked some yummy mac n cheese + a nice salad with bbq chicken wings and fruit.  YUM.
ladies! bride, moh, bridesmaid angelica, + ashley k.
ellen + aunt marianne
enjoying lunch
dessert table
these were the tie-in for the punched paper chain 
so. much. GREAT. stuff.
we played a version of BINGO with questions about laura + eric

basket presents and ribbon bouqet
i really need to learn not to put garland in windows for picture sake
but totally do it so i don't have to clean the gazillion windows in our home as well
one of laura's teacher + mom's friend tina with teresa (moh's mom!)
bride + moh
bridesmaid angelica, me, bride, + moh
(other bridesmaid samantha couldn't make it)
mom + bride + future mil helen
my mom + sis
they look so alike facebook + picasa tagged them as the same person
laura's rock + her bow bouquet


Teresa S said...

Love this!!! It was such a nice party. Good job Jenny (sorry you will always be Jenny to me)
; D


Leslie said...

these are SUCH.FUN.PHOTOS!!! can't wait to see your home (and my room) again so soon.

Congrats, Laura!!

devon larkin said...

i love parties! and this one was beautiful. i like the 'shower with love' message :)

and of course, my congrats to the bride to be!!

were you wearing the same necklace as your mom is wearing in these photos, when you were at my house?

jen said...

@teresa - baby giacobazzi will call me aunt jenny, i'm sure - i like it!
@les - everything is ready & waiting!!!!!
@dev - good eye :) i'll pass on the congrats, too!

lauren and brad said...

are you two twins? seriously! you look identical!

jen said...

@lauren, you're so very nice. laura is 10YEARS my junior. i'll take this as a sweet compliment :)