Sunday, April 24, 2011

all my single ladies...put your hands up!

this doesn't make any sense, but i was reminded of this song while composing this post! did you know jack LOVED this song in it's hey-day?!? loved. he bounced around to it every time it was on. to celebrate laura's last days of being a 'single' lady (which i've always thought weird to say because technically, you aren't 'single' - just not married - i digress), which we celebrated in disneyland! yay for moh, allyn, and her mama, teresa, for thinking up this crazy idea and making it a reality. we had SO.MUCH.FUN.

bright and early jack, my mom, teresa, and i headed to anaheim. with a car full of snacks, gift bags, suitcases, and one very excited 3yr old we drove down the 5, stopping WAY too many times for potty breaks, but totally loving the fact that we could stop whenever we wanted! i feel like driving with guys (over age 10) makes the numerous potty stops a little less likely - anyone feel me here? i have to stop ALOT.

sheila and her pepsi
stopping might have something to do with my matching 44ouncer...
naw, definitely not.
we made it down by early afternoon, had a late lunch, then started prepping the room for the guest-of-honor's arrival.  she and her bridesmaids left after work.  allyn, the fabulous moh, gave us strict instructions on set-up.
allyn made each of us (including jack!) a gift bag with a TON of great stuff
i recorded laura's entrance.  double fisting - camera style.  oh how times have changed.
bride is super excited -- so is allyn, check out her face (tank+black hat)
let the slumber party begin!
jack's bag had all sorts of activities
mug making, color books, airplanes, candy -- so cute
opening all her goodies - comfy socks, YES!
bride to be + future mrs. giacobazzi
laura's loot
color coordinated, hand/homemade treat sticks
we spent the rest of the night playing apples to apples, eating pizza, and lounging.  jack was a trooper and endured his first (and only, mr. jackson steward green) all-girl slumber party (and last bachelorette -- right?!?!?).

stay tuned!


Leslie said...

does your cutie patootie of a mother have a DISNEY PURSE? cute! luv = doublefisting.

Leslie said...

woah. that sounds dirty.
i mean that i like that you record events with such efficiency these days!

Leslie said...
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