Monday, April 11, 2011

some upgrades to the front

after being 'numberless' for a year and a half (really, almost two), i broke out my silhouette and made a vinyl number!!  i like it's almost free-handed look. 

 i have noticed less confused drivers lately too!  our street is numbered in true numerical order.  start at the beginning of the street with one, round the corner with our 19 (18 across the street, 20 next door), all the way to 36 (my bro's house!).  to top off the confusion, our street became a circle after this genius number system, so there's a whole set of houses right around my corner.  the closest of which is #70.  yep.  genius! 

this was our junky mailbox.  and although it's still the same mailbox, 2 minutes + a can of black spray paint really did do wonders...

doncha think?


Leslie said...

nope. :(
no photos.

jen said...!

i hate blogging from picasa -- but i keep doing it because it's so easy! then i remember i have to re-do all the pics anyway. so it's harder. much harder.

Leslie said...

love the look!! are you going to put a big 19 on the mailbox too?

jen said...

i was going to do a vinyl one, but i only have white and wanted cream or tan. i hate the reflective ones. was also thinking of cutting out and laminating and then stickering, but i don't think that will be cute or practical.

suggestions welcome.

Patina said...

I LOVE the nineteen. I think you should put the nineteen on your mailbox, too!