Sunday, June 22, 2008

wild fire

** UPDATE ** my parents' house is fine, the fire is 60% contained and no houses were lost!!

yesterday, after jack and i finished lounging by the garben pool, we left (around 4) and noticed a plume of smoke rising from behind twin sisters (a range with two 'bumps' - get where the name came from? picture it). pete and i went out around 9 and noticed the plume was much larger. we woke this morning to ash all over our deck, jack's outside play-yard, and our patio furniture. this is not little fire at about 3,500 acres burned at this time. luckily, only one home has been taken by the flames.

this very minute, we are sitting by the side of the road, investigating the possibility of the fire reaching my parents' land and home. meanwhile, there are many residents being evacuated and many more on alert. it is terrifying. i think this site will keep up with details, so check it out for more.

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devon lorraine ... said...

oh my gosh, jen. that is so scary. i will keep an eye on the news.