Wednesday, June 4, 2008


here's a pic of the first time i saw him grasp the rattle with his hands and shake! we know that the shake was accidental, but our parental pride says he's figured it out already :)

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courtney said...

Isn't it amazing how exciting it is to see the baby do something like that? I'm still waiting patiently for Alex to sit up... and then I'm really going to celebrate.

Jack is so cute, very intelligent and mature looking.

Thanks for the sweet comment - if it's any consolation, my next door neighbor has a son who's 7 weeks older than Alex, she had a meltdown the day after I did.

Not sure if you've got baby bottles, but in light of all the media frenzy around BPA in plastics, the recent Canadian ban, Babies R Us is doing an exchange where I was able to bring in all 18 of my Avent bottles + accessories for store credit so I could buy all BPA free products - I highly recommend Born Free, both glass and plastic, and Evenflo had glass bottles and BPA free plastic. I think they're anticipating a recall or a mass tort suit. Really good website is - they have lists of all products.