Thursday, June 26, 2008

office is finished... for now!

so, the plan to get the office finished wasn't thwarted by babies or husbands, by work or socializing... i started painting and HATED the color i chose. i ended up with a shade lighter than a room in my parents' house, which i chose after my mom suggested that smoke (the original paint i liked and the color in their house) was a lot darker than she expected. i didn't want a dark room... okay i love dark rooms, i just didn't want a dark BLUE room. enter iceburg!

a little jen decorating background: for those that know me (or those that have seen pics of our house), you know that i am not a blue girl. i bought blue towels for our master to go with some neat chocolate brown and blue pictures from hamilton house. hated the towels (still love the pics, they are so neat. will post about them someday). lived with them for about a year, then decided to move the blue from our room to the guest room and ended up with our sandy and chocolate brown room with hints of orangy-red. way more my scene. no room in my house is missing chocolate brown or red, except our guest bath which is painted green (but, come to think of it, has some red flowers and a chocolate brown shower curtain). i love green. i had a green room at alpha phi and green bathroom at my townhouse. in fact, if i had the nerve, we'd have way more green in our house. the nerve to pick it out (tricky color) and the nerve to have the green's live in the land o' green. ha!

anyway, i now LOVE the color iceburg and have done a little accessorizing, but plan on adding a few more pieces (shelf, mirrors, family pictures of yester-year, etc. that's why there is a ....for now! in the title of this blog). but, alas, i would consider this room done and will check it off my list of things to do in that crazy week (or two, whatever, try to get that list done in a week with a baby jack-jack and hubby pete and two dogs, a crazy job, time to breathe, etc.!!)



a space for crafting. we got this huge oldish table at a furniture sale for $5!

a place for all things paychex. this executive desk was $5, too!

a little storage stand. a cheap one. maybe $10 at most.


Tara said...

The room looks great! Where did you find the material you used for the cork board? Is it chocolate brown & white? I want to use it to make pillows.

jen said...

the fabric is black and white, not chocolate. i was trying to break out of my comfort zone... try Jo-Ann's Fabrics, i found a brick red and tan pattern there (for some pillows, too!)

devon lorraine ... said...

fun post! i liked your link back to december, too!

courtney said...

my downstairs is a similar color - that sorta Hamptons summer cottage icey grey-blue - I was totally inspired by Diane Keaton's "Something's Gotta Give." Love your new room - I take it your crafty a la Devon and Leslie? I'm so jealous of you girls... I can only dream.