Saturday, June 7, 2008


how professional does that look?
the grillmasters
my strawberry dessert
sleeping jack

we had a great dinner with jason & kristin and wilson & heidi the other night. jason and wilson are friends of pete's from high school (kristin and heidi being their significant others). we had a yummy steak, potatoes, corn, and grilled veggies: peppers, onions, tomatoes. jason & kristin are expecting twins (def something to celebrate!) and heidi just returned from studying in canada (she's home for the summer!)... we look forward to many more bbqs catching up on movies, horticulture, buggying, and things pregnancy/infant related. thanks for hosting, willis', we'll host the next shin-dig :)


Leslie said...

wow, that looks amaaaazing!

Laura said...

Jennifer!! You look great and what a beautiful family you have!! We should try to catch up sometime. What an adorable little boy. I'd love to hear from ya!!
Laura Headley (Spiker)