Tuesday, June 24, 2008

goals for the week...

(besides spending q/t with hubby and baby boy, a.k.a. business to be taken care of while jack is napping and pete is watching a sporting event or working out)

a. work my positively paychex butt off. i have a few pending sales and a few appointments this week. i am also having lunch with a couple cpas, attending two bank branch meetings, an introduction meeting with another banker, a day with my terrirory's ex-rep, a meeting with our marketing manager, and a one-on-one with the new zone manager. man, i'm already tired. i am excited, though, because i like to be successful. and busy. i'm much better that way.
** totally great week at work! a bit stressful, but totally sucessful... on to the next month!

b. eat great and exercise even greater. i would love to shed the remaining baby pounds sooner rather than later and i've been slacking in that department since i returned to work.
** ok in this department, not great, but ok. at least it's a start!

c. redecorate. paint office iceburg blue/gray and reorganize to make a peaceful, efficient work-place (and craft-place). staple-gun new fabric on cork boards, paint large G, arrange family pictures, hang finishing touches.
** got the cutting in done... rolling is on the list for tonight!

d. refinish/paint dining room table with leslie. hopefully complete this project tuesday evening when she comes to town. keep us in your crafty thoughts throughout the evening!!
** check! post to come...

e. go through paperwork (business and personal), pay bills, rsvp to weddings/showers, start wedding shower present ideas, etc.
** not yet...

wish me luck -- will update as i progress!!


Leslie said...

dude. lots to do. you're excited to see us on tues? uh...evening. yup. :)

devon lorraine ... said...

this is quite a healthy list you've got going for yourself! can't wait for wednesday; hoping there will be photos from tuesday night!