Thursday, March 14, 2013

St Patrick's Day decor & our little visitor

Jack and I punched out a rainbow of circles to hang over our entryway. He recited the colors, helped with the punches, then helped sticker them. I put them up at night - maddy noticed right away and jack was so proud! We also collected everything green we could find in our house to add to the tables :).
I printed a vintage-style postcard and some subway art for frames to add some height and variety to the decor.
Mom brought some clovers, a cute dish, and gold glitter pot/hat to add.
It's hard to see, but this picture of jack and maddy last year is priceless! She's screaming her head off while jack holds her, smiling. So stinking cute!
See this leprechaun? He arrived, mysteriously, on March 1st.
Jack spent all morning trying to figure out where he came from. We called gran and daddy to see if they brought him over.... We still aren't sure how that little man got here, but we sure like trying to figure it out!

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Leslie said...

enough with the holiday decor, tell me about that barn on the microwave!!

just kidding, i freaking love the holiday decor and always want to hear about it. but c'mon BARN!!