Tuesday, March 26, 2013

play {t}ball! fro-yo

after jack's first game, the whole lot of us went out for frozen yogurt.  it was so fun to share the afternoon with everyone, and equally as fun to watch anthony and maddy run around the shoppe.  the fro-yo was great on such a sunny, fun-filled day at the field!


devon lorraine ... said...

what a fun time! love the "green" in green action!

Leslie said...

what's with jack's expression in the first photo?? HA! And laura totally looks naked in one of those shots. Auntie laura! It's not THAT kind of froyo place!!

um...like there ARE froyo places like that??? :)

jen said...

he's being sassy, les. it's his thing and though i detest it, i wanted to capture it. i'm sure there'll be bigger dislikes in the future and i'll say, remember when he was 5 and sassy? with loving memory.

naked laura! i know it! and that would be an interesting froyo place!!