Saturday, March 9, 2013


Pete and I just got back from a FANTASTIC four day, three night stay at the Rui Palace in Cabo San Lucas!! We went about 4 years ago to this spot, and were all over it when Tara and Cory suggested a trip! We are adjusting to the weather (we are cold!), early mornings, having to clean up after ourselves (no housekeeping or servers!), and not having an unlimited supply of food and libations. We are definitely so happy to be back to play/laugh/cuddle with our kiddos and sleep in our own bed. We took the trip with Cory, Tim, Tara, and Josh -- they were the perfect travel mates! We always had a partner to play beach volleyball, grab a snack, lay quietly in the sun, drink with, dance with, and there were laughs galore!

I don't like taking a camera to Mexico, so I had to get some images off google to visually share our good time.

Our hotel from above.
The swim up bar!
Tara insisted on swimming up to the bar when she needed another,
"it's just so luxurious!!!"
update: Cory believes in cameras in Mexico! 

My adorable swimsuit on a model:
BTW, you would think it would leave weird tan lines, but it only did on my lower back.  My tummy got a cute tan, it looks like i was wearing a bandeau-ish top with bikini bottoms!  The fabric wasn't lying on my skin, it sort of skimmed, so the movement made for an awesome tan without showing my mommy-belly!

The boys drank out of these,
Pete and I thought larger glasses would be nice during our last visit,
and they were so nice to have!
I stuck with mojitos all weekend, delish!
The rooms:
The BEST snack, ever!
We ventured off grounds and into town on our last night. It's fun to eat different food and drink different drinks at least one day when you stay at an all-inclusive. We ate some snacks at Cabo Wabo, then ventured to Taco Loco for the very best taco, checking in at the 'smallest bar in the world' (the elbow room - ha!), had some drinks at the jungle, checked out the giggling marlin (SO fun, Tara and I danced, Tim participated in a stage show!), stopped at a side street bar, then headed back to the Riu for some dancing at the discotheque.

I miss the trip so much already! We need to make this an annual thing!


Leslie said...

While I appreciate your resourcefulness, I can't believe there ain't a single real photo from your weekend!!

info said...

I miss it already :( Can't wait for next year.