Sunday, March 24, 2013

play {t}ball! first game

oh!  i forgot to add that opening ceremonies included a little parade, then the teams hung out on the field for a lot of talking!  and i thought that, as an adult!  the kids did great, not any dancing or pushing or anything else bored little boys like to do!

jack plays on the 'little rascals' field
sponsored by a child care (good thinking!)
 i can't get enough of the back pictures - they are just too darn cute!

 antics by 5 year old boys.
let's bonk our hat brims!  ok!  fun!
this is jack's buddy matt.  matt is also in his pre-k class!

 his first at-bat!
 look at the look he gave us as we cheered him on (wow!):
 a little practice with coach brad:
 and contact!
 safely on first with coach carlo.
 and with a teammate's hit, he's off to 2nd!
 he scored and then the tin caps took the field (jack is the only one paying attention, good snap by me!):
 after scoring another time.  high-fives from the team!
 and then he saw that his cousin, aunt laura and unc eric, unc david and unc jd, and gran and grandpa had come to cheer him on!  he was so happy to see anthony, it was so cute!

 up again and scoring again!

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