Friday, December 23, 2011

christmas eve, eve!

we spent a lovely day hanging out today!  jack and gran made cookies, pete and i spent some time organizing christmas stuffs, we made some hand-dipped apricots and a christmas craft for grammy and pi-paw, and watched some christmas shows.  it was so nice and relaxing!  i am SUPER excited for tomorrow and christmas morning!  tomorrow we'll spend the day with grammy, pi-paw, aunt sara, and ginger, taking a nice winter walk, eating crab, and sharing the spirit.  when we get home we need to make santa's cookies and we'll enjoy a fire (to warm up the chimney!) and read 'twas the night before christmas.  we'll open our 'christmas eve' presents (standard pjs!) and snuggle for the night.  the excitement is building 'round here, with the elf on the shelf, christmas carols, christmas books and decor, jack is getting PUMPED for santa to come!  looking forward to the weekend and wishing everyone a very merry christmas!!


Leslie said...

poodle needs more pillows.

jen said...

yeah, she didn't feel quite as queen-like as she wanted.