Wednesday, December 21, 2011

pregnancy update!

we're 36 weeks and three days along!!!  it's unbelievable how fast this pregnancy has flown by!

we got to see our precious bundle yesterday and it was so exciting :).  with jack, the only ultrasounds i had were up to the 20 week one because we didn't want to know the sex. until now, it's been the same with this little one.  other mommies get to see their babies a lot more than we do, usually, but i still think the suprise is well worth it the suspense!  let me tell you, this babe is CUTE!  i know everyone says that, but really, he/she's so adorable.  looking just like little jack, with maybe more my lips.  dr. le offered up the sex, and even though we wanted to know SO.BAD, we didn't find out, pete kept his eyes closed (he has a knack for reading ultrasounds) and i stared intently at the screen to no avail (i'm horrible at reading ultrasounds!).  i need the inspo to try and get through labor in a month or less.

so excited over here!!

totally awkward belly pic:


devon lorraine ... said...

i love the updates! especially because now that you are down to the last month, i want to know every single day if the baby has decided to come a little early.

you are one adorable mama, and i can't believe how much you've been able to get done during this pregnancy!

do we get to see the ultrasound? :)

jen said...

thanks, dev! i know it, i felt like i needed to post something so no one thought i was skipping out on blogging due to an early arrival!

i am so mad at my dr (not really, but kind of) because the only picture he printed was the circumference of the baby's head - like i need that reminder at this late stage!!!

devon lorraine ... said...

Haha -- piper was born with a circumference in the 95th percentile. I won't forget it.

devon lorraine ... said...

But that was meant to be encouragement :)

jen said...




Leslie said...

this back and forth is cracking me up.