Thursday, December 15, 2011

christmas, check!

i think this is the first year EVER that i've been done for christmas before christmas eve!!  i actually finished everything, including wrapping, on the 7th.  that's because dr. le informed me on the 6th that if i go into labor (not likely, but still), they woudn't stop it and we'd have our new baby!  so exciting, but it really kicked me into gear on the christmas thing!  i immediately ran to purchase the remaining items on my list, picked up the final crafting things, and grabbed some baking stuffs.  home i went where i finished diy gifts and wrapped EVERYTHING.  and i am SO proud of my thoughtful gift-giving this year!  i can't WAIT until christmas morning 'round here!!
 now on to 'the list'.  i want to cook some food, clean the house, create a chore chart, and organize for visitors/helpers/guests for when the baby arrives.... and i still need to tackle a few things on that ever-growing, not-necessarily-baby-related, home to-do list!

but first, i think i'll bake some brownies ;).

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