Friday, April 2, 2010

happy new year (better late than never, right?)

i've always secretly wanted a license plate frame that said, 'always late, but worth the wait!', it's the story of my life...

2010 has been so fun! i am going to update the blog as much as possible this weekend, to keep you all in the loop, get a record of the year's events, and keep up my online calendar for future scrapbooking endeavors. enjoy!!

the first few days of 2010 were shared with an amazing house-guest, Les, who came to live with the green fam while helping my mom at Hamilton House (she was visiting Super Pop Pop in PA and attending the ah-may-zing gift show in atlanta with my sis). so fun. here she is working on a large tower with little jack:it was like old times, so nice to have a dear friend stay for a few nights! and to share my crazy life with her :). and it was a HUGE help to my mom. and jack LOVED having all the extra attention from his kasar!

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Leslie said...

i love it! we just got back from kim & alan's wedding shower in petaluma and i'm going to bed. hey...are you guys around tomorrow? we're heading up to sarah lyman's parents' house in sac tomorrow.