Tuesday, April 13, 2010


aunt laura, gran, jack, & i did a little bowling. jack had special bumpers that came up every time it was his turn and he loved rolling the ball down the lane! one game was enough for the little guy, but it was so fun while it lasted. great job, jackson :)
good times at the ally.
gran showing jack the ropes.
cheering on his mommy & aunt!
a fan of the fan for sure.
i like his little diaper butt in this pic.


Leslie said...

haha! how does your mom feel about that picture?? Ha!!

Hamilton House said...

Yes Jen.....how does your mom feel about this picture....gggrrrrrrr! I was really hoping that the picture wouldn't make it to you blog!

trish said...

ah, so fun! also adore the diaper photo :)