Wednesday, April 14, 2010

@ the pond

jack has so much fun fishing. he asks to go every day. every time we drive to my parents' house, he says, 'that's grandpa's fishes'. here he is with the boys @ the pond:fishie!
uh, close fishie!
got one with unc jd!
daddy caught a few good ones, every time the pole went in the water, out came a fishie!
grandpa got into the game, too!

that's a scooby doo fishing pole, fyi. also, do you like jack's fishing vest? we make a BIG deal out of how cool he looks so he won't mind the life vest. you never know with a 2yr old boy, he might chose to take a swim without even knowing it. lovin' the pond days.


Leslie said...

did they remove the grenade launching fire pit?

courtney said...

i'm so impressed he'll wear the life jacket!

trish said...

coolest vest EVER!

devon lorraine ... said...

the biggest fish i ever caught was with my little brother's fisher price fishing pole. 23" catfish.

so don't underestimate the scooby doo.