Tuesday, April 6, 2010

playdate with mia

to celebrate our super close birthdays (shell & i celebrate a few weeks apart, mia & jack celebrate days apart), michelle & mia met jack & i for some adventures in midtown sac. so fun! this is the only decent picture i have of the kiddos, it's hard to get two 2yr olds to pose for a picture when there was so much to play with! after exploring the blocks, play houses, and lots and lots of buttons (omg, it was hard to handle the chaos), we ventured to lunch. jack was pooped and passed out on the way home.

last time jack & mia saw eachother, they were itty-bitty:last time michelle & i saw each other was in september, at an a-phi reunion.
just like old times at alpha phi:sorry this is so tiny - had to steal it from my fb. trust me, this is as close as you want to get to this one...

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