Wednesday, March 26, 2008

you're almost two months old, jack!

you are seven weeks old today, jack! every tuesday night, your daddy and i recount some part of our labor experience or your birth. whether it's a discussion about our two trips to the hospital, what we were doing at that exact time weeks ago, or how amazed we are at how long ago it seems/or how it seems like we just met you yesterday!

we definitely have seen so much growth from you lately! you celebrated your first easter and visited with both sets of grandparents. you gave each of them smiles and cries. everyone is amazed at how big you've gotten (over 9 pounds now!) and how your little personality is developing. your daddy and i like to get you to smile by trying to teach you how to say 'mama', 'dada', 'peppi', and 'poodle' in a high-pitched little voice. you smile and make a sound that we think is your beginning laugh. it is too cute! you are so much more alert now, staying awake much more of the day (almost the entire day sometimes! phew!). you've been sleeping a bit more in the last two (and eating a bit more, too) - we think you may be starting a growth spurt!

you've been trying to find your thumb for the last few weeks. sometimes you're successful, otherwise we're sure you wouldn't keep trying. other times you get so excited you can't control your arm and then your excitement turns to frustration and tears. and yet other times, you decide 'who needs one thumb when i have a whole hand!' which leads to some sort of gagging. here's a picture of you with your fingers in your mouth (a happy medium for now... don't be fooled by the frown, you usually love your fingers, you're just upset about your lack of a b.m.):

you are a joy, jackson! we love you!

mommy and daddy

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