Wednesday, March 5, 2008

happy 4 weeks today, jack!

dear jackson,

you are 4 weeks old today, buddy! you are growing so fast, it makes my eyes tear up a little each time i share your age. we're really getting the hang of what you need and enjoying every minute! we try to give you some time to take official naps during the day to prepare you (and us) for when you are awake more often. you enjoy napping in your moses basket and prefer the sounds of us while you sleep. i put away your laundry, clean your room, and organize (maybe stare a little) while you nap during the day. nighttime zzzz are quieter, with only the distraction of me waking you up for a diaper change and to eat (if you haven't got me up already!). your swing is starting to be more of a favorite - you don't fall quickly to sleep in it anymore, you look around our living room and watch us for a while first. while i get ready for the day, you like to hang out in your papasan chair in our bathroom. you like to watch the skylight and your mommy move around.

a couple firsts this week:
on saturday, your daddy and i had some friends over for a last-minute bbq. you were such a good boy! you slept a lot, but when you woke up you were bright-eyed looking around. we even caught a few smiles from you! (at this age, you were probably just imitating us, but we melted just the same. we can't wait until your 'real' emotional smiles start showing up!!) you also met andy, your daddy's best man. here you are together:also, your daddy and i gave you your first in the bathtub bath last night. we were wondering if you would like it, and you did (this picture doesn't exactly show your joy)! hopefully you will follow in your daddy's footsteps and be a great swimmer and waterbug :we look forward to all the new things you'll be learning soon!! we love you, jack!

mommy and daddy

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