Wednesday, March 12, 2008

you're 5 weeks old, jackson!

dear jack,
happy 5 week birthday! today was exciting! you met mia alexander, michelle's baby girl who is only two days younger than you! you two looked and acted so similarly. we had a very nice lunch with them and i am sure you hope, as i do, to see them again very soon!

i have learned a bit about how you like things this week. for example, you like to nap in either your moses basket or your swing. not the papasan. not on a nice blanket on the floor. not even on your mom! this is great, though, because we can't take naps together all the time! you also like a pacifier every now and then... but not when you are hungry. i am thankful for that little plastic wonder when it's needed and am so happy you have no kind of nipple-confusion and have maintained your hearty appetite. also, you have been smiling more and more (still not sure, but we think these are the real deal) and you have been having grunt-like conversations with us! i don't cry as much as you grow because each day you do something so neat i can hardly wait for the next new thing!

you are a complete joy in our lives and we love you very much!

mommy and daddy

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