Wednesday, March 5, 2008


jack and i have been taking long walks up the hill by our house to rancho solano country club. our walks are my form of exercise (until i get a gym go-ahead), but they are also getting out of the house quality time... jack really likes to nap in his stroller, with the movement lulling him to sleep. sometimes, though, he wakes up and takes in the sights! i can't wait until he is looking around more... we run into cows, ponds, a ton of birds, dogs, trees, the list goes on! last week we ran into grandpa costanzo who was golfing with some of his friends. right place, right time! he came over to see jack and jack woke up when he heard grandpa say his name! grandpa's friends also caught a glimpse and congratulated pete & i. we are really enjoying this time outdoors while the weather is so beautiful!

me, 3 weeks post-partum - public motivation people

we walk up the hill as fast as we can

beautiful golf course views

our goal is to walk up to the country club every day

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