Monday, October 1, 2007

our anniversary

this weekend, pete and i celebrated our first wedding anniversary! we spent the weekend at home, spending quality time with pepper and bailey and the baby. on saturday, the 29th, we watched the cal game and made lunch. pete bought paper roses for me, which are pretty and symbolic, not only as the traditional first gift, but also because he sent roses on our wedding day, too. i made a frame with a quote from a card he gave me on our first dating anniversary. for dinner, we drove to winters to the buckhorn. this restaurant is quite the costanzo family tradition for special occasions, so i have many memories of the place. pete and i announced our pregnancy to my family over dinner there, too! in addition, their catering department catered our wedding, so it was an obvious first choice for our first anniversary! i ordered the most amazing lobster (surprised?) and we had yummy mud pie as a dessert! on sunday, we napped (i have been so tired the last week), and spent time at my parent's house before coming home and trying our year old wedding cake. btw, this is totally something i encourage for tradition's sake, but get an extra cake to actually eat! i got a little worried by an odd flavor, so to ward off any food poisoning for the baby and i, we passed the cake on after the first bite. pete also surprised me with the modern first anniversary gift of a clock, which we desperately needed! he went to hamilton house and got help from my mom, she even broke out the paint wheel to make sure it would look great on our wall! all and all , we had a great first year and first year celebration!! we thank all those who sent well wishes and have been there for us this last year... we're on to year two and an addition to the family now!

** click on the title 'our anniversary' for pics... i'll learn how to post for real some time :)


Anna said...

Pretty soon you have to post a picture of your baby bump! :) Our first anniversary cake tasted odd too, and we hardly ate any of it. Something about freezing cake for a year...We are going to the Buckhorn on Monday to celebrate the fact that I finally reached 75 units! Woo hoo! Have you ever had the elk? Nice blog page, by the way, and I love the nickname Greenbean...was Pete called that as a child, or is that an original?? Too cute!

Renee said...

Whelp, you've joined the mommy blog! I'm no longer alone in this :-0 I agree with Anna, you'll need pics of the baby bump week by week...if not for posting, for the baby book. We threw out our anniversary cake because it just looked gross. My 26 week old in utero baby says "hello!"

leslie. said...

Woohoo! You're blogging!

Keep the questions coming and I'll do my best to keep helping! The more you play around the easier it'll get, I promise.

p.s. sounds like a perfect way to spend your first anniversary together - congrats!