Wednesday, October 3, 2007

the first kick

it happened! pete finally felt the baby kick! i've been feeling the little movements, a.k.a. quickening, for quite a while now and have been wishing for the day to share it with the daddy. while watching the cal game on saturday (by the way, they pulled off a great upset), i felt some strong movement. pete started in with some cal conversation and cheers, hand firmly on my belly in the area of the previous kick - and wham! a nice big one! this, of course, confirms both of our previous predictions. kicking during a cal game = boy, kicking during a cal cheer = girl. i am so happy we don't know the sex of the baby yet because it is too fun trying to figure it out!

just to get it in writing, pop pop called the other day to let us know he thinks the baby is a boy... he also made the prediction a few minutes after we shared the news at his house in millersburg, pa... he said something about him or he in reference to our baby while talking about the pregnancy! we'll have to wait until february to see if he's right!


Andrea said...

Hi Jen!
I found your blog through Leslie's. Congratulations on the first big kick! Very exciting! Next time you come to Goore's give me a call and I'll meet you there! Hope everything is going great for you and baby green bean (and Pete!).

leslie. said...

seriously can't wait to find out!!

devon lorraine ... said...

you're waiting until baby comes to know if he or she is a girl or boy? that is so fun!