Monday, September 24, 2007

cooking and other domestics

some say when you become a wife-y, it's time to strap on that apron and get vaccuming... maybe not in that order, but 'taking care of' your hubby and your house is to be high on your list of priorities. if cooking meals means baking chicken with a dash of season salt, tossing a bagged salad, and steaming frozen veggies, i am a master. if cleaning means decorating the entire house when your husband is out of town, i take the cake. lately, however, i haven't been so proud of my routine. my cooking (and variety) doesn't come close to what i think it should be when children are involved and my cleaning (deeply or even picking up) is no where near the tidyness level for infants to crawl around. so, enter this site, a great tool to get and keep me on top of my wife-y and motherly game!


leslie. said...

Woohoo! You're up and running!! Here's another site for you to bookmark:

devon lorraine ... said...

yay! i have been waiting for the day i could start reading your blog! i read what that domestic website said today's task was, and it said to clean the oven. we have lived in our house for over a year now, and have yet to clean the oven. guarantee you today is not the day.