Wednesday, October 10, 2007

a traumatic poodle experience

check out bailey on our way to get her first big girl haircut:

such a proud poodle:

and bailey after they had her for 5 hours...

i spent quite a while asking the 'stylist' about bailey's coat and her matted hair. i asked her not to shave her, maybe just cut a little close where she needed to. as you can see, bailey had wonderfully wavy hair that would've covered any shorter areas. i also asked her not cut her in any way 'poodle-y'. i should've known the outcome wasn't going to be what i asked for because the 'stylist' didn't even call to have me pick her up. i think she jetted out of work so she wouldn't be there when i got there.
here's what bailey did later that evening to our white feather duster:

pete and i think she was trying to make herself a new coat.
lesson learned: if you want something done in a specific way, and you can't do it yourself, stay to oversee the job.


leslie. said...

shut UP!! she'll outgrow it and still looks cute. maybe get her a pretty ribbon or tshirt so she feels pretty. :( pooooor bails!

devon lorraine ... said...

when i saw the feathers on the ground, that's what i thought, too! i was going to write that as my comment, but then you, peter, and i were all on the same wavelength already. poor poody.