Friday, October 26, 2007


on tuesday, pete and i went to another baby check up. we listened to the baby's heartbeat - and to the swooshy sounds of it moving around (a ton!). the movements are getting very strong (esp. for a little one - only about 12 inches and around 3 pounds). i had to take a blood test after drinking an extremely sweet orange-flavored carbonated beverage to detect my glucose levels (a standard test at the end of the 2nd/beg. of 3rd trimester). the results came back and my body processed the sugar well, so we are in the clear of gestational diabetes at this point. we have less than 100 days until the due date!!


leslie. said...

woohoo! no g.d.! and did they give you a sonogram pic to bring home?

i LOVE the fact that i can check in on you, to see how the pregnancy is progressing, to supplement the phone conversations, and to keep up with the ongoings of your family! how exciting!

devon lorraine ... said...

i can't believe less than 100 days! wowza!

devon lorraine ... said...

saw pic of you on les's blog. looking great. how about a belly pic with less glare? did leslie not take any!!?!