Sunday, February 17, 2013

sugar and spice: maddy turned one!

maddy's first birthday was so fun to plan!  i dreamed about a 'sugar and spice' 1st party while pregnant, and woke up a little sad because i was 100% sure i was carrying a little you bet your bottom dollar i was planning this party since the day maddy was born ;)!

her invitation:

i ordered these cute invites from this lovely shop and got going on the decor.  i wanted a ribbon bunting, glitter, and girlishness.  the inspiration for colors came from this adorable outfit:

we celebrated with many!  friends and family filled our home with love for our precious little girl.  it was the best afternoon, and we were overjoyed to spend the day with so many that care for baby maddy.  she was the princess of the ball, in the most entertaining and joyous mood all day, and she enjoyed every minute of attention.
 we had sugary treats as desserts/snacks and a host of spicy/hearty dishes in the kitchen.
eg: salsa, meatballs (they were sweetish), and frank's hot sauce chicken dip (aka: legal crack)
 baby carnations, spice cupcakes, and flowers adorned the table.
i made a little bunting topper with a glitter 1 for the smash cake.
the spice cupcake had gold glitter on top!
 you know there was garland!
 i ordered cream and vanilla balloons with gold ribbon from amazon, then dropped them off at party city to be filled.  they were impressed annoyed by my attention to detail and that i didn't like 'their' versions of the colors.  {whatev, party city!}
 proud big brother, confused baby sis.  daddy helped her out!
 helpful big-kid friends ;)
{that's not an annoyed face, i didn't even notice big-kid hands on the cake!}
 loving daddy pat.
see my glitter bunting?  the center was a gold glitter 1.  i loved it!
 snippet of the gathering, the only one we have!
 cake outtakes are the best!

 joy.  pure butter and sugar filled joy.

 princess opening a present from uncle andy.  she was so proper!

 look at her little hairline :), poor thing!  she has another year before that fills in - if she's anything like jack!
showing off some skills!

and because you haven't had enough, more decorations:
 i used some vintage shutters to hold pictures of maddy during her first year using clothespins i decorated with gold glitter and some i found in the dollar bin at michaels.  it was hard to narrow down pictures!
 the 'maddy is 1!' banner was so fun to make using gold glitter polka dots and pretty paper.
 the shutters sat on a large mini-wall we have near the entrance and i encouraged presents be dropped off in front:
 we mixed silver and gold candies with red vines, valentine's day candy, pink rice krispies treats, and circus animal cookies!
 my glass containers got some use, adorned with ribbon and fabric scraps.

we even added paper to my dining room pictures to keep everything matchy-matchy.
 we served pink lemonade in mason jars with lids and paper straws. 
we had peach roses and garland on hand in the kitchen as well.

we had the very best time celebrating our little lady...
then kicked it into high-gear for jack's celebration in two weeks!

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Leslie said...

when you said the meatballs were "sweetish", i thought you were doing a play on "swedish". which, come to think of it, would be kinda funny.

i can NOT WAIT for jack's bday photos!!