Monday, February 18, 2013

jack is 5!

unbelievable!  little jack is a big ol' five year old!  we had a nice day with celebrations at preschool, chuck-e-cheese for lunch, and a hot dog and mac and cheese dinner with gran, grandpa, unc jd, and unc david.  
 they were trick candles.  he's at the age where that's actually funny for him too!

 some q.t. uncle time
 maddy's first ice cream.  didn't catch her face, but it was priceless
 just chatting about birthdays and cars 2.  sister+brother LOVE

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Leslie said...

I was just reminiscing about showing up to the hospital on his birth day! Thank you for letting me and tara there...wait, maybe we just showed up without telling you. Hmmm...thanks for not being too mad?

And happy bday, jack!!