Monday, February 11, 2013


my has it been crazy 'round here!  christmas was so fun with the addition of little madelynn, new year's eve was a blast with the willis family, and since then, it's been party-planning-mode!  i'm back to work a couple days a week and am enjoying that time, but it means when i am home, we are enjoying each other so much, i barely get anything else (laundry, dishes, anything organized - spring cleaning will be such a relief!) done!  and with the big 1 and big 5 birthdays within two weeks of each other, we have been busy bees!  i guess my body's reproduction clock works in only one way - the way it worked for my mom when she had me - and BOY does that make january/february a little wild.

first up was maddy's birthday on the 22nd, then my birthday (details below), maddy's party on the 26th, jack's birthday on the 6th, then jack's party on the 9th!  phew.  we made it through that fun!  it was all absolutely perfect and everything i had dreamed of!  and now we have two more weekends of birthday parties for friends, a date night, and then we leave for CABO in less than three weeks for a 3-night stint with friends!  YES.

since maddy's birthday is the day before mine, we had already decorated!  pete got me an amazing cake from our wedding-cake shop, rosanna's, and we met my entire fam for dinner at mary's pizza shack!

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Leslie said...

you've had quite the several months!!!