Thursday, February 7, 2013

Maddy turned 1!!!

Her first cake!
And playing with balloons...
This is the face she made every time she saw her decorations.
An 'eh!' accompanied.
Jack was very excited to join in maddy's celebration.
He explained all about birthdays (decorations, cake, candles, presents)...
This is the presents from Grammy, Pepaw, Aunt Sara, Gingy, and Fluffy...
It's a polar bear!!!
Maddy took a few first steps on her actual birthday!
Jack was a jack in the box...
She went from screaming to smiling (sorry, excited brother!) as soon as we started singing.
Maddy LOVES attention :)!
They both loved the cake!
We can't believe maddy is one already, time, slooooow down!!!

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devon lorraine ... said...

happy first, little miss! did your mama make that cake? it looks deeeelish!