Friday, November 23, 2012

so we don't forget!

-maddy very clearly said 'dada' yesterday.  she's been calling us by name 'mama' and 'dada' but usually when she's upset or crying, so we savored this call for attention while we were hanging in the family room
-whenever anyone says 'no', maddy's little lip pops out, she gathers all the tears she can muster, then lets out the saddest, most hurt little cry.  and you don't even have to be telling her no!
-maddy giggled today after she passed gas.  she looked right at jack and laughed.  super classy ;)
-jack and maddy spent half an hour jumping on the couch, rolling over each other  and laughing today = cuteness.  i can't let it go on, though, there is a strict (i'm trying!) 'no jumping' rule in our house.
-frosty the snowman was on this evening.  maddy instantly stopped throwing toys out of her basket and started swaying back and forth as the kids started to sing.  she then shook her head back and forth and bounced up and down - her usual dance moves.
-jack and pete set up our reindeer in the front yard today (now we have our family of four!!!!):

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